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Why am I doing this?

I have become interested in investing as a potential way to increase my personal capital. My ultimate goal is to try and make my retirement in approximately 16 years more comfortable. I began this journey about 6 months ago and have been learning as much as possible about how someone in my position might approach this. I realized recently that a lot of the research that I have been doing might be of use to others with similar intentions, as well as people with longer investment horizons. My intention is to share what knowledge I gave gained and to perhaps share my actual journey into the world of trading, with all its ups and downs.


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Upcoming Late Investor Topics

In this post I shall create a list of the topics that I intend to write about.  This list is not complete (nor is it meant to be), and will probably grow (or shrink) as I address each of the items in the list. The idea is that I set out a road map of information that I intend to share to let anyone reading this know what my intentions are, and also to create a To-Do list for myself to make sure that I don't forget anything - and to get me off my butt to actually write something.

So here goes. The following are some of the subjects that I hope to cover:

The things you need to tradeFinding companies to invest in / trade onDifferences between trading and investingApproaches to trading (day vs short term trading vs investing)Risk and rewardMinimising riskCurrency risk - trading accross currency bordersThe mechanics of tradingSources of company information - where to look and what to look forTrading research toolsCreating a trading strategyCreating and using stop lossesAutomated trading…